Wrestling is one of the popular sports worldwide with legions of fans following it regularly. Perhaps it’s a tough and a grueling game that takes years to do it safely and in an expert manner. If you want you to become a wrestling star, you need to start as a beginner as you practice some basic techniques.it can take your time to master all the tactics to become a wrestling star.

Some of these techniques are essential for any beginners who want to make an impact inside the ring and avoid common wrestling injuries.

In this article, we will have a look at five basic wrestling techniques that are vital for beginners to perfect. These include:

1. How a wrestler stands

There are two basic wrestling stances;


• Square stance: wrestler in this position is required to stand with boot feet parallel to each other to allow even weight distribution.
• Staggered stance: wrestler is required to stand with one foot ahead of the other where more weight should be felt on the front foot.

In both stances, a wrestler should bend the knees and hips with feet slightly wider than the width of the shoulders. The body needs to be lowered to lower the center of gravity and maintain a perfect balance.

2. Penetrating Shot

Among the essential moves that help you win, the opponent has a good strategy to penetrate through his/her defense. But how do you give a penetrating shot? Well, start with a staggered stance while lowering and stiffing the entire body onto the back foot.


Then move forward with your front foot and place in between the legs of the opponent. Press harder using your lead foot as you try to land on your front knee. This way, it would be easy to bring up your foot and firmly plant on the mat while grabbing the legs of the opponent.

3. Lifting the Opponent

One of the basic moves you can apply to take down your opponent is through lifting. You are required to stand to the side of your opponent while keeping the hips beneath your shoulders.

Grab your opponent with your hands wrapping around his waist. Lower your hips and pull him closer to you as you try to push through your legs. Next, drive forward your hips while technically straightening your legs to lift your opponent off the net. Once you take the control, lower him safely to the mat.

4. Master how you should pin

There are several pinning moves you can apply on your opponent. Once you bring him down with the face facing down the mat, use your right arm to slide under his left armpit or his right armpit. Then push the back of the opponent while lifting his arm and moving your body towards his body.

5. Learn how to Escape


Another critical move a beginner need to master is how to escape from the bottom position. You need to start by moving your foot away from your challenger. If the opponent is holding you on your left, try to move your right foot to the right. Again lift your right knee and plant the right foot on the mat. Then lean back and push your opponent through the right foot and get up from the mat.