Did you know that one out of five motorcycles nowadays is at risk of experiencing theft-related issues? Theft of motorcycles can be either the entire bike or the parts. Just because no one has ever attempted to steal your bike, it does not mean your bike is not prone to theft. No!

Many people tend to believe that fixing an alarm system on the device like motorbike, motorcars, or even homesteads; it is the safest ways to ensure security. Thought it helps there are some other means you can boost the security of your assets. Here, therefore, is some ways you can increase the safety of your motorbike.

1). Park your bike on the safest place

Make it a routine to park your bike on a garage. Once you park there to inform the mechanic in charge to keep an eye. If you do not have a garage close, park it near the workplace so you can keep an eye. The more reckless you are in parking your bike, the more you risk your bike to cases of theft.


2). Install security cameras

If you have parking in your home, fix security cameras in those areas. Ensure the quality of images captured is perfect. This can only be achieved by having cameras of high quality. Keep in mind the thief has no time to keep loitering around to give your cameras a chance to focus well. The more accurate your cameras are the more clear images you will get.

Further, it is vital that you incorporate your camera system with your mobile phone so that it can alert you immediately of what is happening.

3). Install the Motorcycle Theft Prevention GPS device

Have a GPS tracker installed on your motorcycle and hidden to a point where no one can see it. The tracker helps you and the police to track down your motorbike once it is stolen and get it even if its mile away. Even though GPS tracking devices are expensive, you can try to agree with your insurance company and make plans on how they can pay for installation on your behalf.

4). Install an anti-alarm device on your Motorbike

The alarm is the best anti-theft device of almost all kind of assets. It alerts you immediately when someone tries to tamper with the motorbike. With advanced technology alarms, today is connected with mobile devices making your mobile ring and vibrate as the alarm ring on your motorcycle. So with an alarm on your bike, you are sure your bike is safe.


5). Install a Motorbike Kill switch on your bike

Most modern bikes come with a kill switch, but if yours does not have, it is good to install one. Kill switches ensure that you further switch off your motorbike engine once you lock it using the lock key. No one can operate the bike even if he or she has the key to start the engine without the kill switch sending a signal to the engine.

6). Always lock the Ignition of the Motorbike

A motorbike will easily begin to if the ignition is shut off but not locked. Motorbikes thefts cases are mostly reported out of this ignorance from riders. It is therefore essential that when you park your bike before you leave to ensure you completely lock the ignition system.


Motorbike theft has been rampant in the modern world with the Honda type of motorbike being at more risk. When a bike is stolen, it is either sold as whole or dismantled into parts that are later sold and fixed into another motorcycle. Hence, if you are a victim of motorbike theft, it becomes tough to recover your bike.

Therefore, boost the security of your bike by following the above few tips, and you will not need to get worried about its security.